Sunday, September 7, 2014

From Lavatory to Spa!

I really haven't been a great friend have I? This blog has been terribly neglected! Trying to strictly blog about knitting doesn't work when I have so many other things that I'm doing & I often times would also like to blog about. So why not spice it up with what's really going on in my world! My blog won't be so neglected and we can start having fun over here! My bathroom was just way to clinical! It was glove-test clean! No color. With the exception of one candle; no coziness. Just not really inviting. I love the minimalist look, but I had taken it way too far. Even my linens were white! So yesterday I decided...
...that it was time for a make-over!
In an effort to continue to maintain a very clean look but bring in a little chic, I went with wood and linen tones.
...because trash needs to be disposed of in style!
Aahhh! I think I'm going to hang out in here a bit more now!


  1. oooh looks lovely! you did a great job. Our bathroom is in serious need of an overhaul.

    1. Thank you Crystal!
      It feels much more cozy now too!

  2. Your spa looks so beautiful and relaxing :)